Thursday, July 24, 2014


We took a little vacation to the Azores to visit my mom. It was two years since I had been there! Crazy. I was so happy my dog was still alive at least. I didn't take any pictures of her... I just realized that now. Poor thing, I guess she completely lost the spotlight to baby, hands down. 

Here we are in our baby airplane bed... exciting! 
Cowboy hats are difficult to transport, but are a must. 
My favorite part was having a really nice park five minutes away where she liked to kick her legs. 
No, my favorite part was meeting an AMERICAN couple with a baby the same age! That was really fun. 
I had a few favorite parts, I guess. But there was definitely a lot of breastfeeding involved, wherever we went. She doesn't just get that chubby overnight!

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