Thursday, October 16, 2014

Full-time lunch

Taking care of a house (cooking, cleaning, organizing, "nesting", entertaining) could be a full-time job. Motherhood (feeding, caring, educating, walk-taking) could be a full-time job. Having a marriage, a social life, a volunteer activity or two could be a full-time job.
And then you're supposed to put a paid, "actual" job on top of that? Or before that? Or after that?
It all comes down to what's really important. The reason I love mormon mommy blogs is that they are so unapologetic about how motherhood is the ultimate and only job, the others come after. (see Natalie Jean's about page question, "do you have a job?"...)The reason I don't like certain homeschooling/work-from-home blogs is that they are very "oh no, I get a paycheck and I work from home on this blog or whatnot... plus I also take care of my kids and am their full-time teacher!" I have a hard time understanding the priorities here.
These are REALLY tough decisions.
My full-time lunch...

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