Monday, October 27, 2014

Generosity and community

Is it a lion or a cheetah cub being observed in its natural habitat?

"I was just sitting here, playing with my elephant and eating some grass..."
Is this a National Geographic show about cute creatures in grassy areas?
"You again!"

No, it's Addie, the cutest baby that ever was, having fun with her godmother at the park.
Her godmother was one of seven people... SEVEN... that signed up on a Doodle I made to ask who could help us take care of her for a few hours in the afternoon while I teach an English class and my hubby is studying for a big fancy shnancy exam. I randomly sent the Doodle to our friends and SEVEN people overwhelmed me with their generosity and enthusiasm at wanting to help and also wanting to spend time with Addie. I really wasn't expecting people to be so nice. Just when you swear off humans and say no one is really there for you... someone does a random act of generosity. In this case seven people. And in a time of extreme stress with this fancy shnancy exam, my starting to work again (even if it is only one class) and Addie refusing to eat (she will only breastfeed...!)... it is comforting to feel so loved at the same time.
I have no way of repaying these people. I just pick her up and rush home because she's usually cranky and tired at that time. This is going to prove you can form community... even in a big city like Lisbon. And that people are generally good-hearted, sometimes you just need to ask for help. And God is good, and generally shows signs of it in tough times.

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