Monday, October 13, 2014

Youth ministry

We just finished a three-year diocesan training course for youth ministers (see fancy diplomas below... we're in the top left corner... except for our baby of course..she's the center of attention as always). I didn't learn much, except for that being in youth ministry is hard, working with others as part of the Church is hard, but both are incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. So maybe that was learning something.

So as not to put all this magnificent training to waste... :/ ... we've accepted our parish priest's request to lead the youth group again. It started up this week and up until the last minute I was having a mental breakdown and trying to quit, thinking what did we get ourselves into. But then that rewarding/fulfilling thing happened again and it all came together (REALLY last minute) and the meeting turned out alright. I have a feeling this will be an INTENSE year.

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