Monday, February 23, 2015

Just let me get to that baby

I feel all over the map with priorities and responsibilities. We just got back from a weekend youth group retreat. Then yesterday was a mad dash to clean the house and make dinner. We still don't have groceries. I have a really long translation to do I've been putting off for a month and now I have to scramble.

Yesterday I saw two friends at mass and told them, "We should get together". One told the other, "She doesn't mean it. She's very busy." It killed me. I hate being that person that says we should get together but doesn't really. I feel like I've taken on too much until the end of the school year and I have little space to prioritize. I have the house, the baby, a few classes, a little tutoring, a youth group (exhausting. by. the. way.) and I can't deal.

I'm taking this Lent as an opportunity to prioritize, minimize and not be that "busy" person. How awful. If you have prayer, you will have order and your time will be multiplied the saints say. I'd like to have order and focus on important things, like people and babies (like my Addie so naturally does. She pic above).

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