Friday, February 13, 2015

Rock me mama like a wagon wheel

Everyone... everyone... in Portugal always asks me when they see I have a baby, "Does she sleep well?" I always smile and nod, and answer, "yes, reasonably". However, I have no idea if she sleeps well. Some days I guess she does, others not, and I never have any clue why. Her sleep is as elusive to me as a unicorn galloping in the forest.
She used to sleep eleven hours, wake up once (sometimes twice) and go easily back to sleep after breastfeeding. Now for the past week she's been waking up at 1am and has a really hard time getting back to sleep. The night before last it took three hours of crying and squirming in her crib while I held her there and tried to sing, offer her a pacifier, etc. Then yesterday I stumbled upon this post and thought, to heck with sleep training, and last night at one o'clock I tried cradling and rocking. It worked like a charm... UNTIL I thought she was deep asleep three times and tried putting her in bed and the beast woke up inside her. So I gave up and she finally went to sleep in her bed, me insisting and with her pacifier. Two hours later. I still think sleep training is it.
What do you think?

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