Friday, July 24, 2015

Communist country

This is a street sign that says "Resistance/opposition to fascism street". I am all for resisting fascism, but every street, park, square, etc. in the new town we're living in is named after something related to the 25th of April Portuguese revolution, revolutionaries or communism in general. It's a little much. Apparently we are now living in communist country, which for a God-fearing, proud-to-be an American like me, is a little scary.

Portugal is classified as around 97% Catholic from statistics, but most people agree that it's really just numbers on a paper. Because although many people are baptized and married by the Church (and that keeps dwindling), most are non-practicing or "tolerant", but don't really identify with (or know) what the Church teaches. Which isn't communism.

Anyway, I'm just going to sit tight and try my best to be kind to communists, like our ol' Pope Francis here.

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