Friday, July 17, 2015

Our Lady of the mess

This was a birthday present I got from my thoughtful hubby that we had seen in the store together and I had fallen in love with. It was made by those nuns I talked about in my last post, Monjas de Belém. They make beautiful artwork and their site is here.

This one is Our Lady Housekeeper. We gave her a prominent place at our entryway but things are a little messy right now at our new house. The good thing is, I don't think Our Lady minds. I really do think she used to buy/make bread, carry water and take care of baby Jesus kind of like I do with Addie... in a much holier, peaceful and joyful way of course. But maybe she didn't mind messes. Maybe she was more a Mary than a Martha.

I hope to get my house in order soon, but it's taking its time. It always seems I'm one step behind the game. Always waiting on something. So I'm trying to enjoy myself and my little family despite the things to hang up strewn all over the floor, the wrong shelves I bought for our prayer corner and am waiting to return, the showers missing shower rods and curtains, etc.

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