Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Double whammy

Happy Exaltation of the Holy Cross and Our Lady of Sorrows days! (back-to-back feast days that go together...)

On Monday we unwrapped not one but TWO crosses I bought for our new house... totally out of our budget... but can religious art really be a splurge? I couldn't help myself. They are again from Artes do Mosteiro. Aren't they beautiful?

On Tuesday (today) I made this fabulous cake inspired by CatholicCuisine here. It's Real Simple's chocolate cake with a vanilla frosting from another cookbook. I am liking Real Simple's recipes. They are really... simple! This one turned out great even though I forgot to tighten the heart pan and it leaked out and took double the time to bake. I might be going overboard with the baking recently, but I am so inspired by Catholic Cuisine.

Speaking of which... they posted my blueberry pie on Saturday!

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