Thursday, September 24, 2015

Two cookbooks

These are the only two cookbooks I really ever use. I am picky about recipes and also think it simplifies my life if I try to stick to the same ones. (I wrote about that here.) I randomly picked up the first one at a bookstore when I first moved to Portugal and first started to cook. I got the second one last year, since I was a fan. I just recently realized Jeanne Lemlin has a blog and a facebook page. I "liked" it and if I could, I would like it again and again and again.

Almost everything I try from these books turns out great. I've only recently tried some breads and cakes. My hubby's favorite is blueberry cake, which is surprisingly easy to make. Unfortunately, she doesn't have chocolate cake or cupcake recipes, but I guess that's what pinterest is for. 

Do you have any favorite cookbooks? 

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