Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sunday walk

This is the place we live. It really has a lot of natural beauty. It's a shame people are so dirty and pollute everything with garbage and overall dirtiness. And a pity people have such communist tendencies. Otherwise, it's an alright place to live.

This was our Sunday walk, in which we didn't do any of the million things we have to do or get together with people we have left hanging for months. It's always hard for me to let go.

I'm glad it's November and we have our housewarming party, plus other fun parties coming up. I loved this post on showerofroses. I also look at her blog and feel inadequate. However, as she says, she has built up traditions for years. I really think it takes forever to get habits/routines/traditions in place. That's what I'm working on and I'm trying to take it easy.

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