Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy Easter

We are going up north for a few days for Easter, to my husband's family house in the country. There will be nice things like cows and goats. We have some friends who were nice enough to want to come with us, which is exciting. Other than visit with these aforementioned cows and goats, we will be going to the Easter Triduum celebrations and even visiting a convent!

I wish you a blessed Easter and the joy of the Risen One.

"To be beaten, to be mocked, to be crucified... to go through the agony and the disfigurement that Christ went through in the Mediterranean culture was not just physically grueling, it was filled with shame. To be in public and have people treat you like this was a shame-filled thing for a Mediterranean man. And what's so important for us to remember is that it wasn't just physical brokenness, it was social brokenness and emotional brokenness. It was this disfigurement that Christ bore."

"The character that we really need to lean into is Barabbas. The word Barabbas is interesting. 'Bar' means 'son' or 'son of'. 'Abba' means 'father'. The name Barabbas, some scholars say it was really his name, others say it was just a literary device, but the man whose place Jesus took, the man who was released, who was a criminal, a murderer, is you and is me. We are all sons of the father, daughters of the father, we are children of the father by our baptism. And when you and I encounter the Passion story, this narrative, we have to put ourselves in that place, because you and I are the ones who sin. You and I are the ones who are subject to death. And my brothers and my sisters, you and I are the ones whose place our Lord Jesus took."

-From Palm Sunday of Mark Hart's (aka "The Bible Geek") Sunday, Sunday, Sunday podcast. This is our favorite podcast ever and we listen to it religiously every Sunday.

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