Friday, April 15, 2016

My creative outlet

I recently read a post called "You're Not a Big Deal and That's Okay", which is about blogging, and it helped me a lot. This is a very little blog, but it is very important to me. It is my creative outlet.

Bonnie says in her post:
"The truth is, the only thing you've failed at is appreciating what you have. And you have a lot of good things:
- a creative outlet
- a way to improve and showcase your photography / graphic design / computer / writing skills
- a virtual scrapbook your loved ones can appreciate years later - the things you loved, thought, felt, did at a specific time in your life in a specific moment in history
- a way to connect with like-minded people"

For me, blogging is all this. I have learned SO MUCH from other blogs, especially the ones I follow regularly. It is HARD to find like-minded people here in Portugal and it is so much easier to find inspiration for my vocation as a wife and mother through blogs. Plus, I've met one real-life person through this blog (hello Joana!).

Writing is a gift in my talent-set... I still have my first diary from second grade. So writing on my blog and having a place to link the articles I write for other Catholic sites makes me a little happier and helps me express my ideas.

Of course, blogging is also a good way to keep in touch with people far away (hello Harrisons! hi mom!). And I so appreciate the fact that anyone even reads this.

My creativity is appreciated by my husband and Addie, but being able to post it on here motivates me. It helps me be more intentional about what I'm doing and the lifestyle we're having. The pictures above are my Alleluia letters, which I had been dreaming about for some time. I found these little wooden letters at the chinese shop (a dollar store equivalent here) and painted them with some gold glitter glue I found there too. Maybe one day I will add to this Easter centerpiece, but for now I like it just like this. It's resting on top of something my grandmother made.

Thank you for letting me share my creative outlet with you!

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