Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Nesting, second installment

Above is an owl hanger from Ikea that I love. We hung it up behind Addie's door to hang her PJs during the day and her clothes during the night. There is even a little shelf for her bows. That way we get stuff off the bed so she can eventually sleep on it. We haven't tried again since our last attempt in which she opened all the doors and left her room. We value our alone time when she's sleeping too much.
Since my husband and I started dating, we have always had extremely generous people in our lives at well-placed moments who really show us God's love. That is the case of our friend who made us this diaper changer cover. I asked her for help, since I can't sew and she has a sewing machine, innocently thinking it would take an hour or two at most. It was a 9-5 work day for her. But they turned out beautifully. They are soft, match the diaper box on the wall and have matching cloths to put on top and change more frequently.

The same friend also helped me hem some cloth to make our spring/summer table runner. Now it is complete with our summer centerpiece, which includes actual sand and shells from the beach..
Thanks Helena! ;)


  1. My dear friend,
    Friendship it's a gift from sky and I'm blessed to count with you.
    Thank you :)