Monday, July 18, 2016


Our prince was born at 41 weeks + 5 days and it was an amazing birth. I might share my birth story soon. I actually have it already written. I'm scared of forgetting it, it already seems so far away.

The first week was pretty rough, and boy does it make a difference one week in. We came home exhausted. I hadn't slept at the hospital, my husband hadn't slept at my in-laws' house. It was a mess. Now we have all been sleeping well for the past few nights. (I totally sleep with the baby on my stomach. I don't care if it's dangerous. We'll sleep train later).

The worst part was adjusting my plan for Addie. I had thought I would delegate her care and entertainment to others, while resting (= doing nothing, reading) and taking care of baby only. However, after a few heartbreaking moments on the first day, I realized she was mommy-starved. She has never been particularly dependent on me and has always enjoyed going out with other people... until now. Now she doesn't even want to leave the house. She just wants mommy, mommy, mommy. So I've modified my plan. I take care of and play with Addie as much as possible, while my mom and husband take care of baby and house as much as possible. And it's working out.

My favorite thing I learned this week was something my friend sent me in a text message when I told her about this problem:

"That's why being a mother is at times so tough. You are irreplaceable."

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