Thursday, July 28, 2016

Postpartum sucks

I've heard people say each kid gets easier and the first one is the hardest of all. It's actually one of my favorite articles ever:
To The Mother With Only One Child

So I was preeeety confident... okay, arrogant... that this time around would be soooo easy. We already had the sleeping, the breastfeeding, everything figured out!

Scratch that. Breastfeeding is just as hard. I didn't make a few mistakes I made the first time around, that's it. Newborns don't sleep well. I just let him sleep in my lap, which I didn't the first time around. My physical recovery is a million times better than the first. I stopped taking painkillers days after, when the first time I took them for a whole month (caesarean). But I'm trapped on a couch with a constantly nursing or sleeping-in-my-lap baby. And this time we have an older sister who is going through a major readjustment.

I wanted to be trapped on a couch, don't get me wrong. Just doing other things. I read The Fike Life's post "How to postpartum like a boss", amongst other articles, and was convinced I would stay in bed and nap for a month. But my husband has these puppy eyes when he asks me to go out with them... and I'm just so flattered he likes hanging out with me so much. So that explains the picture above. And there might be more outings.

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