Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Give beauty slowly

Things really do get a lot better about a month and a half after a baby born, methinks. It really all depends on his sleep and the predictability of it... which is tricky, obviously. I've discovered I identify much more with attachment parenting than I thought I did (see babywearing picture above). Except for co-sleeping and strict schedules. I looooove kids sleeping in their OWN beds on strict schedules.

Speaking of attachment parenting, I found out about a wonderful band called Scythian through a blog (which subscribes to attachment parenting) here. Do you like folk rock/Irish/americana? I've been listening to them non-stop. The article about their mother who homeschooled 10 kids and is linked to in that post is amazing.

Having a baby is hard. Having two small children is hard. Having two small children, cooking and cleaning is hard. We are only now getting to the "extras" like an attempt at a social life and online time. I feel like I need to stop complaining about how hard it is to people or it will reinforce the anti-life mentality. It's hard but it's worth it.

Like I wrote about in one of the first articles I ever wrote (here), the world says "if you want to be happy, get pleasure quickly" while God/the Church says "if you want to be happy, give beauty slowly". That has been my mantra lately. It is a task just to get everyone (including myself) dressed, fed, clean and out for a little bit each day. It's a herculean task just to make a meal and vacuum. The day is done. But to go out with my adorable, chubby baby and my sometimes tantrumy but also adorable spunky toddler with the bow in her hair is extreme beauty. And we are giving it slowly.

Waiting to get her first ever haircut with Olaf... he got his carrot cut.

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