Saturday, September 03, 2016


Spanakopita... pronounced with the accent on the "o" sounding like "oh" and with a soft "i" sound like "if". Apparently it's Greek in origin. After several attempts I'd like to share my spanakopita triangles with you. Every now and then you discover two ingredients that make a perfect marriage... like peanut butter and chocolate, or black beans and cumin. And with spanakopita I discovered spinach and dill.

3 circles of filo dough (massa folhada), cut in half
2 packages of cottage cheese (or requeijão)
about 3 or 4 eggs
a pinch of salt and pepper
2 tablespoons of dried dill
2 bags of spinach leaves, wilted (dipped in boiling water)
some feta cheese

Mix it all together. Cut the filo circles in half and lay them, gently folded in half, on two oven trays. Gently lift them open, distribute the filling evenly, then pinch the sides all together. Cut two holes in the tops with a knife. Cook in a hot oven (175-200ºC) until the dough is golden (about 20 minutes).

PS My two-year-old loves this... hooray for recipes that get toddlers to eat spinach!

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