Thursday, November 03, 2016


I've posted this bacalhau recipe on here before. In case you don't live in Portugal, bacalhau is salty codfish and it's every Portuguese man's favorite food. It's apparently my two-year-old's, also. She actually yells, " I want bacalhau!" Why would you love a fish so salty and bland when there are so many other delicious things in the world? Beats me, Portugal.

Every time I make this my husband says "wow, this is really good". Which is motivating to make it more often. So I thought it deserved a reposting. And a reminding that you don't have to soak it that long (12 hours is enough) or boil it that long (five minutes is enough) or soak it in milk that long (or at all). And I don't use as much onion, just half an onion. And lots of olive oil. And I now add two cans of chickpeas.


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