Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mommy tunnel

Several blogs I read refer to this phase I'm in, when your children are all small and unable to help you with household chores or taking care of one another, as the "mommy tunnel". Apparently better times will come when they entertain each other and play together, when they help clean and cook if you teach them well, etc.

Every now and then, I see that light at the end of the tunnel. But  tunnel is exactly what it feels like. Dark and crazy, like you're going to hit the sides or other cars. Like you need to turn on lights to see. Like everything is going a little too fast.

This selfie we took at the park eating icecream makes me look like I'm a fun mom who buys icecream. But really we had no food at home for a snack. I mean zero. No bread, no yogurt, no fruit, not even any cookies! I am trying to grocery shop online once a week, but sometimes I forget... or it gets postponed... or I forget to put something on the list.

I keep reminding myself of what Auntie Leila calls "the basics": food and clean clothes for you and your family. So I try to make sure I cook once a day, do laundry and grocery shop on time, even if the floors are dirty or I forgot to bathe the children again. But it feels like a juggling act. I have to be on top of the ball, because if I slack a little bit, it all spirals out of control.

Even though these times are crazy, I am sure they are the best. My kids are soooooo cute. Addie says the funniest things, Davy makes the sweetest noises and loves cuddling and my husband is the most playful father ever. So I try to put things into perspective.

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