Friday, November 11, 2016


Addie got her hair cut this week. Davy smiles for the camera.

Yesterday I saw a conference given by a Spanish couple who have 18 kids, 15 living. Her name is Rosa Pich and she has a book here. One of my takeaways from the conference, other than there really is no natural explanation for all their sacrifice (just supernatural), was that you have to make time for your spouse, away from your kids. I already knew that you should put your spouse first, before your kids, but it has been more of a challenge now with a baby who doesn't sleep easily aaaand a toddler. Imagine with 15!

Last weekend I left the baby for the first time... for a mere two hours... and we had a coffee date. It was short but oh so worth it. Here's to hoping this weekend is as good as the last. Even though the house was constantly messy and we were tired, we went on the date, we ate yummy things (see picture of spanakopita + salad with feta + rasberries + wine), and we had our first ever family movie afternoon, complete with popcorn. We watched The Sound of Music. Ok, so the baby didn't cooperate much, the toddler sat still for about ten minutes... but us parents actually watched it.

Happy weekend to you!

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