Monday, December 12, 2016

5 things I *try* to do everyday with my baby

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This is not intended to be unsolicited parenting advice. I just thought it would be fun to write down the things I have decided are worth doing with babies, since I've had to prioritize this second time around. What I mean by that is I know I don't have time for certain things with my kids.. crafting, going to baby classes, buying educational toys, etc. But there are some things I find are truly important and I try to fit in. Key word try, because I am usually trying to get us past the "survive" level. So in terms of baby, about 0-6 months, here are the things I've decided are essential.

1. Try to get him to sleep on Gina Ford's schedules. And I do mean LOOSELY. And without any stress at all about it. Just to push them toward a schedule and make sure they get enough sleep.

2. Nurse as often as seems to be needed. I have no idea what I'm doing, but about every two hours seems to work out well.

3. Do a little tummy time everyday. Even if it's just two minutes, even if he gets a little upset, even if he spits up a little. Strengthen those back muscles, baby!

4. Cut his nails while he's sleeping in my lap until he gets too old for that (starts waking up, about three months), then put him in front of Super Simple Songs videos on youtube and cut them like that. Still do that with Addie. Makes her look forward to it. Keeps them immobile.

5. Smile and talk to him up close everyday. Even if it's just a little bit also.

Do you have anything you find essential for doing with babies?

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