Friday, December 16, 2016


When did my baby that closely resembled a feeding tube and was hungry or sleepy all the time turn into this adorable, chubby baby boy who loves to play and smiles at me from his high chair? I'm not sure when it happened, but it has happened. Alleluia.

It could also be that he is sleeping better that has me so overjoyed. He has finally gotten to liking a pacifier. I'm sorry crunchy readers, don't hate me, I know no other way. ;)

I have decided that getting babies to sleep is an art, not a science. Or rather, like a dance. It has to do with who you are as a person, your parenting style, your own sleeping habits, your lifestyle, and, most importantly, just time and patience. Translation: Davy is a little older now (5 months!), so I'm sure he's just more mature and that's why he is finally sleeping better.

I invest all I have into baby sleep though. I might be a tad obsessive. We went on a disastrous adventure-ridden trip to Ikea to buy him a bed and a lovey. A lovey is a comfort stuffed animal they sleep with. I am sleeping with it now so it will smell like me. I insist on it being from Ikea so it can be easily replaced if lost. The only soft and small one I could find was a pig. It's cute. (See pic below of Davy "getting used to" his piggy.) Addie has a bunny from Ikea she sleeps with. At first I wasn't sure if it really comforted her that much. But when we went to the US last January, we took it with us and found out it did. She was a little overwhelmed in the airport when we were leaving. When the security officer took the bunny away from her to take it through security, she started bawling. When he gave it back, she immediately stopped. True story.

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