Friday, February 03, 2017

Little Catholic Bubble Book Club

I've joined a book club. An online/Facebook book club, but a book club nonetheless. I realize I've never been in a book club and I'm so excited. It really is adding a little pizzazz to my life right now. It's called the

and it's hosted by the blogger Leila Miller of the Little Catholic Bubble blog. I joined because I have lots of free time (wink wink ☺) and because they read one book a month and they are all books I really, really want to read. This month they're reading the book above by Sigrid Undset and I just couldn't resist because I wanted to read it and also because I read her other book, Kristin Lavransdatter, and didn't like it but would have liked to talk to someone while reading it.

Last night I read a chapter before bed and I hope I can keep it up. Being in a book club is good motivation. You should join too!

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