Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Front row seat

Davy started pulling himself up in his crib last week, which is exciting to me. And Addie started going head-first down slides (to the horror of bystanders).

One of the things that most "trains" you, I think, as a parent is how fast their development is. I remember when Addie started crawling I wasn't expecting her to be ready for it. First she started creeping (dragging herself on her tummy). Then all of a sudden she got up on her knees. She would fall forward and hit her head on the floor really hard for the first few days... which would terrify me... but then she got the hang of it. I had no idea that would happen. Then she started walking and would fall also but then got the hang of it. Potty training was also adventure-like. I wasn't really sure if she was ready, but we all felt like trying, and it was terrifying to have her in underwear where accidents could happen at any time and at any place... on top of the couch, in the post office... but within a few days she got the hang of it.

I feel like this is being a parent. They grow. You adapt. It's this intense, powerful process you are never a step ahead of. Always a step behind. Always trying to figure it out. Never ready. But you have front-row seat. And that's what life should be like. We just get comfortable and try to control our circumstances and situtations. If you are truly answering God's call though, you won't be comfortable. Or if you have kids. I liked what January Donovan's husband says to their kids (I heard in one of her videos): "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable."

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