Monday, March 20, 2017


I am always feeling like I should be doing more for Addie, so I have been happy to reinstitute a little bit of "preschool" in most of our mornings. I have this How to Draw Dinosaurs book from Usborne that I thought would be for when she's older, but she really likes doing it with help. We do a page a day and sometimes another wipe-clean book of draw on the line and she's thrilled. It really helps me to have a physical book to follow. I can't deal with random ideas on pinterest that I never get to.

We also started hiking again. I still want to go Sundays, but it always seems like we have someone to visit or something to do on Sundays. So I decided we'll go on our own on Fridays too and invite our neighbors. It started out lovely (sarcasm) with Addie running away in the woods, poo in her underwear and me changing it with Davy in the baby carrier. :) :) :) But then our neighbors got there and it was really fun and really worth it. The park seems boring when you can have the forest.

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