Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easter up North

Happy Easter!!!
We spent Easter up North where my husband's family is from. It is a small village with about thirty houses and where our phones don't work or have internet connection. Oh penance! But it is good to disconnect.
My husband has always appreciated this little village and it has always been a place of peace for him, but now that we have kids I appreciate it more and more. It is the only place where they can roam outside with total freedom, where they can connect with nature and animals, and where there is built-in babysitting. This is because there are older cousins there and Addie is getting to an age where she would go off with them and they would take care of her. Heaven. While we were visiting with relatives at my husband's uncle's house, my husband said to me, "didn't we come in with two kids?" Addie had gone outside to play with the older cousins and his uncle had taken Davy to "see the animals". I know of no other place like that for us.
We spent a lot of time on the balcony, also. (See pic of Addie in hammock above) Davy loved the bars for practicing walking.
The last picture is of the actual Easter celebration there. They have mass, then the priest (in this case the seminarian) goes from house to house with the cross with flowers on it, saying "alleluia alleluia" and everyone takes turns kissing the cross. The whole village follows from house to house (not going in, but waiting outside!), until after the last house, when they all wait in the street and throw petals on the seminarian. He gives a little sermon about Easter and blesses everyone with holy water. (See last picture) 
Alleluia! He is risen!

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