Monday, May 01, 2017

Easter season

Hope your Easter season is going well. There are certain things, like celebrating the liturgical year at home, or raising kids, that take a lot of work at first, but then get less labor-intensive as you go along. Last year I looked everywhere for these letters spelling out alleluia and just had them on a cake plate and they would always topple over. Then I found these little wooden tabs that sometimes came stapled on to a canvas I bought (never figured out what those were for...) and I thought, this is just what I was looking for to keep the alleluia letters standing up. Then I ordered a grapevine wreath in November or something like that, and bought plastic white flowers at the chinese (dollar) store. Ta da! So it was nice to just take a few things out and our house changing in those minor details.
Meanwhile, we've been crazy busy but in a good way and alternating between tiring ourselves out to the point of exhaustion, then hibernating at home. This weekend was a hibernating at home one and it was so nice to finally make pancakes again and just spend all afternoon in. Davy ate his first pancakes and we lost track of how many he ate. Possibly six or seven, but definitely more than me. We had to stop giving him any more. I think it was the highlight of his life. Boys and food, wow.

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