Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Flowers for Mary

Only when I saw this post by Auntie Leila did I remember I had a little vase for our prayer corner for flowers for Mary in May. Otherwise I would've forgotten. That's the thing about minimalism: it helps you appreciate and use what you have more. I don't consider myself much of a minimalist, but I'm always striving to be more and more.
I feel like I live in a reasonably clean house which is pretty organized, but if you ask my mother she would tell you I live in a pigsty with subminimum living conditions. ( ;) ;) wink wink mom)
Minimalism is a constant task, especially if you have to deal with kids clothes and toys. Yikes. This past weekend I was able to switch cold clothes for warm clothes in our closets and tidy the office a little bit and it instantly improved how I felt about our house. I tried explaining to my husband that staying inside and organizing was more therapeutic for me than going outsider for a walk but he just can't understand it.

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