Friday, June 16, 2017

Sandals, sweat and outdoors

(Happy June, month of the Sacred Heart)

Hello there. There has been a rather long hiatus in these blogging parts, I know. We took a two-week trip to the East Coast USofA (a liiiiittle last minute, it's how we roll I guess). It was craaaaaaazy but really good, too. I will definitely write some posts on that soon.

It involved some also last-minute planning, packing, indecision on whether to go or not (!), doing taxes we had forgotten about the day before... things that take up time you could otherwise we blogging with. And today marks a week we've been back, but it has taken a week to adjust to the jet lag and somewhat clean my house.

Even though we had only slept three or possibly four hours our first night here (adorable kids woke up at midnight and had so much energy I thought for sure they had taken Redbull shots!), we went to the beach the next morning to make sure they would know when morning was and get lots of sun (in hopes they would soon figure out when night was...). And we've been trying to get out during the day since. We finally got two peaceful nights back to back.

We got some rain and chilly weather on our trip so it was nice to come back to summer heat. I like winter when it comes, but I am so ready for sandals, for sweat and for outdoors.

Happy weekend to you!

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