Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Davy turned one last week and he really does get cuter each day. His clumsy waddle, his constant baby talk gibberish, even his yelling that he does whenever he wants ANYTHING... which can get annoying, but just shows his hearty enthusiasm for life. I made him banana cake, and he greatly appreciated it. We actually had to say, no more cake!

This is a precious time in our life. For me, the birth/first months are hardest, then it gets progressively easier as you go along. A first year is a kind of milestone and relief for ME. It thrills me to see him more and more autonomous, participating more and more in our habits and routines and family life. And it's especially thrilling to see brother and sister start to interact more. FIGHT more over toys and such (yikes!), but also play and laugh and kiss.

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