Thursday, August 03, 2017

**Radiant JOY**

I am really enjoying having two kiddos this summer, even though sometimes it can seem like double trouble. But two kiddos to look back to while driving and see chattering in their car seats, two kiddos to sit side by side and give a sandwich to at the park, two kiddos to splash together in a bathtub.

I am still listening to Bishop Barron's podcasts whenever I can and I listenened to one the other day called "Why Mother Teresa is a Saint" and it has really stayed with me. He describes his visit to Calcutta and how it is still one of the worst slums in the world, with people living in cardboard boxes and lots of death and sickness everywhere. In the middle of what is still one of the most terrible environments in the world, the sisters are serving with RADIANT JOY. He says it is pure grace, and not naturally possible. I have been thinking to myself, how can they serve people that they have no relation to, people that might even be rude and mean to them, who smell bad and who have terrible diseases... and see Christ in them and have radiant joy? While I have the PRIVILEGE of serving two adorable children, perfectly healthy and perfectly loveable, fruit of my own womb, in the EXTREME comfort that we live in... and let me just put it this way, I don't have radiant joy. I have radiant all the opposite. Something I've been reflecting on.

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