Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Gender reveal party

We found out the gender of our baby last week and kept it secret from family members for a couple of days. Then we had a mini gender reveal party on Saturday. I say mini, because we almost didn't have it and I am trying to accept the fact that my capacity for doing things and throwing parties is becoming more and more limited. So we just invited parents and siblings, made cupcakes with pink/blue frosting and toasted with champagne. It was simple, but I'm glad we did get to celebrate somehow, because the arrival of a new baby is definitely more than reason to celebrate... and have pictures for his future baby album! 

Addie and I painted our nails pink and blue in anticipation. (She only found out during the party, too). 
I painted clothespins blue and pink (thanks Pinterest!) and guests wore them according to their guesses. There were six guesses for girl and five guesses for boy, by the way! I made Pioneer Woman's vanilla cupcakes and these hostess cupcakes and stuffed them with a little frosting (scoop out bottom, insert frosting, put back cake). PW's vanilla cupcakes turned out terrible, I think because I didn't have the right kind of shortening, which reminded me why throwing parties is always stressful no matter how simple you think it'll be... things never turn out the way you want! But the chocolate cupcakes were perfect. I made a last-minute pink and blue "tablecloth" with paper and blew up some pink and blue balloons. Instant party. We waited for guests to arrive for almost two hours, but it was surprisingly fun to hang out in our living room with music and balloons, eating candy. 
It's a.... BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And we toasted with champagne and sparkling apple juice (really nice!). 
I think Addie took it well (she wanted a girl). We are now painting our toenails all blue. And Davy is super lucky to have a brother coming, just 18 months apart. I pray they will all three have a childhood filled with rambunctious play and tree climbing. 

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