Monday, September 11, 2017


I listened to this podcast called "Oh, Motherhood" and thought some parts were really funny, especially comparing toddlers to "little drunk people." Tooooootally. I also really liked how they said they are alway "recallibrating" when it comes to their prayer lives. And how hard it is to take small children to mass. I HEAR YA. I am also always recallibrating our daily schedule, my prayer life, my priorities, our family traditions, our priorities, education, our goals, etc. On one hand, that's what makes this phase of young motherhood so beautiful also: you are completely defining your family. Drawing on a blank slate. You can erase and start over, or erase and make adjustments. As kids get older, you get more ingrained in your parenting habits and decisions and it's harder to make big changes. But now everything inspires me. 

It's also really, really hard because of this blank slate. I am always discerning, always unsure, always changing things due to their development changes and surprises. I try to set a priority, but then a million things take over. My three-year-old not napping every now and then has been KILLING ME. Her moodiness and uncontrollability has been killing me too. Being pregnant and trying to do things at night, then not sleeping well, then regretting it terribly the next day has also been killing me. But in general I am excited with the planning of this school year and its activities and schedules. Addie is getting older and it's exciting to have more options with what to do. Last year around this time I was so depressed and stressed out about it, but a year later we are in a completely different and better phase. 

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