Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas wonder

Merry Christmas friends! 

I have been pretty busy, out-of-town, sick and absent from blogging, but I finally feel like things have calmed down a bit. And just in time, because I'm almost 39 weeks pregnant (yikes!). 

Auntie Leila says in her book that Advent is the perfect time to start living the liturgical season, incorporate traditions or prayer as a family. And inspire wonder. Even though our Advent was crazy, Addie stopped napping and we've had countless fights over this fact, and I only incorporated about 25% of my plans (as usual)... looking back, I see it has been a special time for us. I had everything prepared from last year (except for stockings I am still working on learning how to knit...) that was easy to take out one day and set up, including Christmas books and nativity sets to play with. On most days we were able to light the advent wreath and sing "O Come Emanuel" before dinner, even if the house was a mess (see pic above) and it involved extra set up and clean up. But the look on Addie and Davy's faces as they watched us... motionless... sing the song was priceless. And I put in some special requests to family members, so they got some very exciting gifts I hope they will enjoy (see pic of Addie excited about her bike). 

A happy 12 days of Christmas to you!
I will be stressing over to-do lists and trying to run last-minute errands before our own baby Jesus is born. 

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