Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Beloved and Blessed by Kimberly Hahn

Image result for beloved and blessedI ordered a book by Kimberly Hahn because I suspected I would identify with her mothering and family style and I really did. I was so inspired by this book and am going to order more books by her as soon as I can. It had some really practical advice I appreciated and it also had some deep spiritual truths explained simply. It has a chapter all about Theology of the Body which I skimmed, but thought it was really great for people who aren't so familiar with it. And it has a chapter on homeschooling, which is so simple and well-written I'm going to translate it into Portuguese to give it to people who ask me difficult questions I can't answer! Here are some of my favorite quotes: 

"'You're thinking about love the wrong way, as if it gets divided,' Dad replied. 'Love is muliplied with each new family member. Not only will you have a unique love for this child, but he will bring love to each member of your family.' We need a new term: Let's replace sibling rivalry with sibling revelry." p. 49

"We cannot take anything with us when we die, but we can send a bit of ourselves ahead if our children precede us in death. If the goal of Christian parenting is heaven, we have already succeeded with those children who have died. And I believe we are different parents because of their love and prayers on our behalf." p. 68

"Is there someone for whom you have great respect in financial matters? Seek his or her advice, for 'where there is no guidance, a people falls; but in na abundance of counselors there is safety' (Proverbs 11:14)." p. 99

"Our overall goal is to have happy, healthy, and holy children who obey us and obey God. [...] We are imperfect parents parenting imperfect children imperfectly! This is God's plan." p. 117

"Resist the extremes of hypercontrol of your firstborn and lack of control over your youngest." p. 131

"You have access to the grace you need to overcome your fears about parenting. You are obligated to continue the job you began. And remembre, Jesus is the one who began this good work of parenting through you, and he will be faithful to complete it." p. 142

"Children are spiritually sensitive. They respond when we read Bible stories and sing songs about Jesus. They listen when we hold them at Mass and whisper what each part means. They draw near for a blessing before bed (sometimes with holy water). They know God's love initially through our love for them. As our children mature, we witness God touching their lives directly, guiding and calling them in unique ways." p. 160

"The years are few in which we can decide our children will attend daily mass; I do not want ot miss the opportunity. When complaints are heard - yes, even in the Hahn household - I begin (and they chime in), 'We don't have to go to Mass: We get to!'" p. 162


  1. E ela também tem um livro só sobre HS ;)

    1. Pois é! Acho que vou acabar por comprá-lo. Vi uns reviews no amazon a dizer que está um pouco desatualizado por isso achei que não valesse a pena. Mas como gostei tanto deste livro, acho que sou capaz de gostar do outro.