Monday, February 19, 2018

Life is finite, bounded up by mortality, tragic and sometimes unfair

At three weeks
At four weeks
I haven't been taking nearly as many pictures as I'd like. But I can see the difference from one week to another! 

Have you heard of Jordan Peterson? Did you see this interview that has made him super famous as of late? Did you see this really funny meme making fun of the interview? (watch it only after the inteview!)

If you live in the US or Canada, you probably have. He has a new book out which I haven't read, but from what I heard of it I would like to buy it for every person in Portugal. It's about antidotes for the problems of our times, but I think those problems are exacerbated in Portugal. More personal responsibility and not blaming society/God/government/etc for your problems? Yes please! 

I also listened to the latest Patrick Coffin Show podcast featuring Jordan Peterson. This quote really stuck with me...

At 26 minutes:
"The thing about making the bleak case... Let's say that you are fundamentally optimistic and that you fundamentally do have faith and you do believe that truth can prevail, then you can say, look what it has to prevail over. And then the reality that it has to prevail over is the fact that life is finite, and bounded by mortality, and tragic and sometimes unfair. And that all of the suffering that's intended upon that is multiplied almost beyond endurance by malevolence. Everyone knows that, especially people who've been hurt know that. And so then you say, yeah that's right, you're right in your deepest suspicions, you're correct BUT despite that, the power of love, so that would be the desire for things to flourish, and the power of truth is such that it can transcend those bleak realities."

Patrick Coffin said soldiers and abuse victims can relate to Jordan Peterson's message. But I think post-partum women can too. At least I can! Life is rough, rough, rough, rough right now. Luckily I have grace upon grace, sacraments, and glimpses of love and truth prevailing. But yes, life is bleak. And post-partum is not for the faint of heart. 

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