Saturday, February 03, 2018

Post-partum musings

These pics are from the very first days back from the hospital. The first title I thought of for this post was "post-partum sucks", but then I realized I have a post with that title a year and a half ago. But yes, post-partum still sucks. Childbirth is just as scary every time... I don't CARE if people say it's not!!!... and post-partum has been (almost) just as painful every time too. It's just something you can't rush or recover from with mind over matter. No, it's matter, matter, matter all the time. 

I read He Leadeth Me for my online book club and it was EXCELLENT. It's about a Jesuit priest who is imprisoned in the Soviet Union for 20 years and makes my whiny post-partum complaints PALE in comparison. It was a perfect book to read in this stage. I am also reading Beloved and Blessed by Kimberly Hahn and really enjoying it. I really appreciated her experiences of childbirth... how painful and difficult it is... but how worth it. It is sooooo hard to lose sight of how blessed we are to have another child! He didn't exist, he grew inside of me and we will be able to watch him grow and love throughout our entire lives and eternity. 

I was especially worried about Davy's reaction to the new baby.. he is a little pushy and territorial... but their love for the baby has been astounding and completely surprising for me. Davy is totally okay with him being in my lap or nursing (wasn't expecting that) and constantly wants to pick him up, kiss him or poke him in the eyes and giggle. It is the sweetest thing to see him hold out his arms and say "ba?!" (which apparently means, can I hold him?) And anytime they have a chance, they want to hug and kiss and slobber all over him. As Kimberly Hahn says in her book, we have to stop talking about sibling rivalry and start talking about sibling revelry. Anything worth doing is hard, but having another son and having another brother is the best. 

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