Thursday, March 08, 2018

Babywearing intuition

This is where baby Tommy lives: in his baby carrier. It will be his daytime habitat until about 3/4 months I've decided. 

There was a birth affirmation I really liked that I saw that says something like "you have to leave the city of your rationality to go into the wilderness of your intuition" in childbirth. I totally agree. And feel like it has carried on into caring for the baby too. 

Mothers of many children say "it gets easier each time". No, it does not get easier each time. A least for me. A newborn is extremely demanding and I need to sit down to nurse and they need to nurse all the time. But it is easier in the sense that I am more confident in what works for us. More confident that I will be able to take care of my baby and help him be happy and healthy. I don't need to try out as many things. 

I remember with Davy I would spend hours rocking him to get him to sleep, put him in his bed, have him wake up or his sister wake him up and lose my mind. I wanted him to sleep on a schedule. I was scared to go into public and not know what to do if he cried. Now I can say taking care of Tommy is more peaceful. I give myself permission to nurse him all the time, whenever he cries as long as he hasn't spit up. I don't try putting him in bed during the day. He sleeps hours and hours in his baby carrier and it works out for everyone. I don't worry about schedules at all, except to try to have him awake from 5-7 (to eventually establish a 7/8 bedtime). He just transitions from baby carrier, to bouncer, to nursing, to being carried in one arm while I do a million things with the other and we are a unit. 

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