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The Ministry of Motherhood quotes

Image result for the ministry of motherhood sally clarksonI didn’t like this book as much as I loved Desperate, but there were still some good ideas and nuggets of wisdom. I really appreciate Sally Clarkon’s voice, listen to her podcasts now whenever I can and look forward to reading more books of hers in the future. Here are some of my favorite quotes.

“I realized with the passing of each day that spiritual and emotional maturity would not just happen to my children because I wished it so. It would not come just from a passive example of my being good. Effective spiritual, emotional, and social training in the lives of my children would have to be both intentional and planned.” Pg 13

“Perfection is not a standard he requires of me as a mother, for his grace extends to me as well as to my children. My heartfelt trust in him will be the fuel that energizes my days as I see him draw my children through this gift that will serve them their whole lives.” Pg 29

“If I want them to be open to my messages, I need to be willing to serve them – to voluntarily give up m rights and my time to meet their felt needs – just as Jesus was willing to give for his disciples.” Pg 33

“Giving our children the gift of inspiration – helping them understand their spiritual purpose, which is to glorify God and to make him known – is one of the most crucial tasks of Christian parenting.” Pg 66

“As an introverted dreamer type of personality, I require some alone time just to gain equilibrium for daily tasks. This need has driven me to develop the habit of getting up between half past four and half past five in the morning so I can have time to myself to think, pray, sit, read , and prepare for what the day will bring.” Pg 69

“The disciples tried to shoo away a group of children whose mothers wanted them to be blessed by Jesus. But Jesus looked past al the runny noses and sticky fingers to see the open, innocent hearts of the children and the hopeful love of the mother.” Pg 90

“The best way we can give the critical gift of faith to our children, in other words, is to exercise faith in our own lives – to accept the difficulties of life and choose to trust God in the midst of them. This means we will choose to be thankful, choose to be joyful, choose to be mature and strong, and try to be an example for our children. It also means we will talk to our children about why we’re choosing to respond in this way and share with them what God’s Word says about faith.” Pg 113

“If Jesus himself had trouble getting through to his disciples – even with miracles! – we human parents shouldn’t be surprised when the process of training our children hits some difficulties.” Pg 145

“I have, however, come to terms with the fact that the ministry Jesus calls me to is rarely convenient. People who need me never seem to wait until I am fully rested and organized and ready to help them. Instead, their needs always seem to intrude into my already busy life.” Pg 182

“Most worthwhile endeavors – whether they involve housework and chores, schoolwork, serving outside the home or providing hospitality within it, or training out children to be servants of the Lord – end up taking more time, energy, effort, and character than we ever thought they would.” Pg 197

“More important, I’ve also learned from Jesus and Peter that even we passionate, visionary types can live past our failures and disappointment and actually get the important work done.” Pg 200

“In the end, the measure of my success as a mother will not be how well I have taught my kids or cared for them but whether I have been faithful in helping them respond to God’s call on their lives.” Pg 209

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