Wednesday, July 11, 2018

We are terriers

I had a childhood dog that died a few years ago that was a Jack Russell Terrier. I always thought that the choice of a dog breed reflects the look/temperament of the dog owner, but never considered myself to be a Jack Russell Terrier by personality. I always thought it was a mishap, I should've gotten a beagle. 
But now I look at my kids, especially my daughter, and I think not only am I a Jack Russell Terrier... we are all terriers. Just as Sally Clarkson is always saying her and her kids are alike in that they are all dreamers, feelers, artists, etc., I am seeing the ways my husband and I and by reflection our kids are similar. We are energetic, project-driven, ambitious, slightly aggressive, outdoorsy people. We go on trips that are too far and do too many activities for a family with such small children, but we can't seem to help ourselves. We "relax" better when we go on an impromptu camping trip we thought of five days before and bought the tent for one day before.
It's so funny, because I never imagined my kids, especially my daughter, would turn out the way they are. I thought they would be calmer and more shy. But I'm learning so much from them, not just about them, but about myself.  

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