Monday, August 27, 2018

This place

São Jorge island up ahead
Dolphins spotted from the boat

I used to think I had no connection to this place. That I had a connection to the place I was born and raised. Kind of a connection to the island where my parents were born and raised. But not to this island (where my mom lives now). This was never my "space". I even have some bad memories of things that I've been and done here that I don't like to think I've been and done. 

But I keep coming back. I've come here so many times. And when I think of how changed I am every time I come it's a miracle. Like the cures that Jesus did of the blind man in two phases: first Jesus touched his eyes and he saw things unclearly, like shadows. Then Jesus touched his eyes again and his vision was fully restored. 

Each time I come back to this place I see things a little more clearly. I see more things in myself, more things in my family of origin, now in my spouse and children. It won't take just two times, like the blind man, but many times of Jesus touching my eyes. Probably until the end of my life. 

There is something about this place now. Everything speaks to me. About my recent history. About my family's past. About how much Jesus makes everything new. 

I'm on vacation. I wish I could post fun pictures of beach and restaurants (which we've had a lot of!). But mostly it has been a lot of instrospection and a painful realigning of my vision to Him. 

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