Friday, October 26, 2018

When you feel like you're the only one

(I love the feet)

I think this (when you feel like you're the only one…) is the worst kind of suffering. 
I feel like this about my daughter. I never imagined I would have a kid like her, with the specific problems she has (and of course she has amazing talents and qualities also). But her specific problems shock me and embarrass me. And there is no easy answer. 
I get glimmers of an answer here and there, but there aren't usually instant, one-size-fits-all, handy solutions to your deepest problems. So it's a little hurtful when people offer "formulas", as Sally Clarkson calls them. 
I loved what Jennifer Fulwiler said on this instagram post: 
"When I go out to speak, over and over again I see the power of the in-person connection. I see the relief on people’s faces as they look around a room of likeminded folks and realize, “I’m not the only one. Next time you’re trying to decide whether to go to any kind of conference or gathering, err on the side of yes. If it feels even a little bit right, do it. And don’t get the introvert flu and back out at the last minute. Get your ticket, show up, and be open to the experience. You’ll probably be surprised by how much your soul needed it."
And THIS is the cure to this worst kind of suffering. When you open up to someone and they open up to you. No formulas. No judgment. No shame. Just honesty about our woundedness. Oh Lord, I'm not the only one! The first step to friendship. To communion. 

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