Friday, November 30, 2018

Building family culture

Spreading pesto for the quiches. Reading about bugs. 

About a few months ago and more intensely every day, Addie and Davy play together. Fight more also. But play pretend and talk and look at books together. It's amazing. I wasn't expecting it. 

I had read about "building a family culture" in blogs and books before, but only now am I starting to see what it looks like. And it depends so much on me it's scary. The little family traditions I try to implement as simple as having dinner in the living room. A few times Adelaide has whined when I try to have dinner earlier without daddy, "I want it in the living room with daddy!" And I am a bit surprised by how much she enjoys such a simple thing. The songs I pick for us to listen to, the toys people buy for us, those meals I make again and again... this is our family culture. There is something that is being created out of nothing. 

My husband and I went to a conference where they quoted someone who said man and wife are two people who see something (a couple, a marriage) where there is nothing. It was beautiful and true. And from this nothing, something more and more keeps coming. A community of persons. A heritage. I pray for a legacy... like Sally Clarkson says. And it all starts with these litte tiny things we do together. 

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