Saturday, March 21, 2020

Isolation Opportunity for Creating a Richer Family Culture Idea #4: Pretend fancy restaurant

"Adelaide's Unique Diner"
I wanted to participate in Jennifer Fulwiler's challenge on Instagram to do your hair and have a drink, but I didn't want to get dressed up to change diapers, get spit up on and even possibly pooped on. 
So I schemed a pretend fancy restaurant with my five-year-old on our balcony and she got reeeeeally into it. She made menus and tickets and pretend food. She got up at six thirty this morning, put on her fancy clothes and said she was ready. We waited until the baby and the toddler were in bed, then her and Davy served us and we had SUCH a nice break. 
I'm thankful for the idea from Jen. I almost cancelled it. I thought I had ordered online groceries to be delivered today, Saturday, but hadn't noticed it was Saturday, April 11th. Sad news! So this was a nice "last" lunch. 
Check out Jen's Instagram (@jenniferfulwiler) for lots of humor, especially about this crisis. 

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