Saturday, March 28, 2020

Isolation Opportunity for Creating a Richer Family Culture Idea #8: Work on chores

I am still figuring out this "getting kids to do chores thing" and I don't have lots of answers, but I know now is a good time to devote extra time to it. 

From what I've learned from Charlotte Mason and Maria Montessori, I try not to use bribes or threats (external motivation) but by repetition 9f the same thing at the same time everyday I hope a habit will form. 

This is kind of (KIND OF) working for morning and bedtime routines, but I haven't picked a time for toy cleanup or had success with it. 

As for other things (ironing, as pictured, unloading dishwasher, helping with cooking), they do it when it's new and they are interested, but not consistently.

Any tips or successes on your part?

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