Friday, May 29, 2020

Isolation Opportunity for Creating a Richer Family Culture Idea #30: Share a memory

I have recently realized that my kids know nothing about my past and our family's past that I know and take for granted: my childhood, my wedding day, my cousins, my grandparents, etc. Sometimes they ask me to tell them a story (like Little Red Riding Hood or something...) and I have decided to tell them a story about me or my family instead. 

There is barely anything I still have from my childhood (unfortunately!), but one strange possession I saved and value so much is a little pack of pictures of my barbies and biographies I wrote to go along with them on yellow lined paper. I wrote it in pencil. I went through the painstaking effort of typing it up also so I never lose it and I have copied the PDF link in case anyone is interested (can't imagine... except for my mom ;)... but you never know). 

I thought of this one day during this quarantine because I've had these barbie pictures and stories stored in a box for years and I realized I have a six-year-old daughter who might be interested. She was. She framed the barbie group picture and keeps it in her room. 

I don't remember when I wrote this, but probably when I was about 12 years old. I remember I didn't play with barbies anymore and wanted to remember their stories. I can't remember when I last read it. It was suuuuuuuuuuch a surprise when I read them again with Adelaide. 

What most surprised me was that I had a dream of having a lot of kids. People often ask me if I always wanted to have lots of kids and I always answer no because I didn't know any large families. Apparently God placed this dream in my heart as a child! 

The second most surprising thing was that the husband of the family was... dum dum dum... Daniel. (my husband's name) How creepy is that? 

Third most surprising thing was how many dreams the barbies had that I STILL have: one was an author and one liked giving speeches. 

And I still like Laura Ingalls Wilder and Anne of Green Gables. 

20 years later... some things... a loooot of things!... don't change. 

PDF file here: 

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