Sunday, June 07, 2020

Coronavirus Crisis Wrap-up and Takeaways

I didn't expect this crisis to affect me in the many ways I've noticed and even more that I haven't noticed. I thought it was just for "those other people who needed to change their lives". But alas, God has to teach me humility again and again. I never seem to get it. 

Here are some things I am taking away from this crisis:

1. Recipes:
The site. I love the one pan cheesy broccoli rice, scalloped potatoes, lasagna, Reese's peanut butter bars and other recipes from this site. I also bought a wok (see pic above... By the way Davy is saying ewww ;)). I bought it used (as I buy everything now... See point number two) and mainly to make the fried rice on Jessa Seewald's YouTube site. I also liked watching her videos. 

2. Savings
We finally got an opportunity to take steps toward building up a small savings. Only with isolation were we able to see that some of the kids' activities were unnecessary. 

3. Exercise 5x a week + water
My main discovery this quarantine, other than the Jessa Seewald channel, were the Bates sisters. Especially Erin Chad Paine, Carlin Stewart, Alyssa Webster and Josie Balka. Alyssa Webster has a video called "Q&A" on her YouTube channel where she answers "how do you stay so fit?" After being super humble and saying everyone is different etc, she casually remarks "oh and I drink a ton of water and exercise 5 days a week." AS IF IT WERE NO BIG DEAL. That inspired me so much. I would like to be able to casually say "oh and I exercise 5 days a week." By the way. No biggie. I have also made am effort to drink more water. 

4. Bike riding
So we cut out some activities but started a wonderful new one: I am able to fit their bikes in the car, drive to a bike path five minutes away, ride bikes to a grassy place with benches, rest a little, then ride back. They ride, by the way, I walk with Rosie in a ring sling. It works out great. I hope to continue this at least once a week even next school year. 

5. Hair & makeup
Again, the Bates sisters helped me on this. Especially Alyssa Webster and Carlin Stewart's hair tutorials. Hair and makeup are not just superfluous and unnecessary things for dumb women. Good hygiene and taking care of your appearance (no one can do it for you) are not only signs of mental health, but an act of service to others. We like seeing the other person looking good and happy. We were all created uniquely and beautifully by God and to be as beautiful as we can is to bring glory to Him. I especially like how the Bates sisters pair hair/makeup/fashion with modesty. 

There were more failed projects than successful ones for me this quarantine. I tried making a sourdough starter about five times unsuccessfully. I cut my husband's and kids' hair and it was really frustrating. But these are five takeaways for me. 

What are yours?

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  1. Dear Marta, thank you for another great post. I am from Belgium, Croatian, and have been living here for ten years or more, with my husband. I have two kids. I am a communication trainer. I also love the staying at home, but am happy kids are at school now ( finally after three months) as life with all of us at home is a bit stressful. I learned that I am not that good of a stay at home mum. I am great at keeping house, heeping a schedule, cooking, but not so great at homescooling a very active adhd boy. So, frustrations were there. I learned that this was a precious moment in our time together as a family. we will always cherish those memories. but life has its many seasons. I also lerned that I appreciate that all the persons in the household have a bit of a life outside the home. I used to idealise the home a lot. I still do. But, I know now that a balance is needed. each of us , if we need it, should have an activity, a friend , someone or something to also enjoy outside the home. I also learned that I dont really miss going to mass or having communion. This is sad, I know. But on the other side, I am better at praying every day. ..

    1. I wanted to say dear JUlie, sorry for the typo!

    2. Hello! Thank you for your comment! So great to hear from Croatia (?) and hear your great thoughts. So good, yes, to have something outside the home!
      I do exhort you, though, to reconsider mass. The best analogy, I think, is always exercise. Of course, it's always easier to sit on the couch and not exercise. Especially if you are looking for results. Exercise is a lifestyle change and you only see results long term. Likewise, the spiritual life takes many small "exercises" each day and you only see results long term. There is nothing more important you can do with your day than go to mass. Nothing! We try to go to mass everyday, kids and all, and I can testify to the effects. The mass is really "the source and summit" of prayer life, as Vatican II said. When I go to mass, I am able to pray at home. When I don't, everything falls apart. When I go to mass, I have more supernatural joy and patience and playfulness for my kids. When I don't go, everything falls apart. It helps me set priorities and have an anchor in my day.
      I recommend Bishop Barron's video series "The Mass"!
      Thank you again and God bless!