Saturday, July 25, 2020

Camping trip 2020

A few weeks ago, we went camping for four nights and only now am I posting a few pictures about it. Camping wasn't as rewarding this time around as it was two years ago. It had some great advantages (nature, something different), but it was a little tiring. I'm not sure if we will repeat it. 

First up, we visited a friend and her animals and vegetables. That was one of the highlights of our trip, for sure. Going on trips alone is a little lonely. The social part is crucial... don't you agree?

Here are Davy and Tommy with the rabbits:

Next, we set up our tent at Serpins camping under a willow. I wish there were more spacious campsites in Portugal where you weren't so close to others and could make a campfire. 

We swam in the river and that was also a highlight. I think I like rivers better than ocean beaches because there is more shade and interesting wildlife. Here is a frog: 

The whole reason we went to this place was because it was near an animal park I wanted to visit called Parque Biologico Serra Lousã. I loved it. It was worth it. Really great. Here is Dav with just a fence between him and two huge bears. That was pretty scary for me. 

How about you... do you suggest any cool places to visit in Portugal? Have you ever tried camping?

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