Saturday, September 26, 2020

Article and birth announcement

I have an exciting article up at CatholicStand:

And with it, I announce we are expecting a fifth baby in February!!


  1. Congratulations, Julie! There is nothing better and more fun than a house full of children. We are so lucky that we can have them! Now that my eldest children are starting to think about getting married (in a few years), I have started praying for the gift of children for them too, because maybe for the first time I have imagined how hard it must be - and surely would be for them - not to have a house full of children! My heart goes out for those couples - in Famílias de Caná there are a few - who can't conceive. As for you, congratulations, again and again! And congratulations on your article too. I have some of those ideas written down on a book that will soon be published :) Teresa Power

  2. Thank you Teresa! It's true, children bring much joy and I imagine it's much harder to not have them! Will pray for your book!